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Indel B SECOP Compressor Travel Cool Box has a capacity of 47L. The Travel Box portable compressor refrigerators can be used in many different applications: from leisure time to boating, from industrial vehicles to coaches for transporting small foodstuffs on journeys. The all new 2022 range of Travel Box portable compressor refrigerators has been completely upgraded with new colours, materials and digital control panel, while maintaining the reliability and versatility that have made them an-international best seller. Medium to-large-size refrigerators for intensive use. The BD 1.4F MICRO FSD Secop compressor specifically designed for “automotive” products and their high performances make them suitable for many applications, for instance in cars, trucks, motorhomes and even in extreme off-road vehicles. Included with internal light and battery protection. Refrigerant gas: R134a

Certifications: CE, E-mark, EMC

TB51A Portable 47L Compressor Refrigerator

    • Used in many different applications
    • Upgraded with new colours, materials and digital control panel
    • Reliable and versatile
    • Designed for automotive products
    • Battery protection
    • Internal light

    • Brand    Indel B
    • Type    Coolboxes
    • Voltage    12V - 24V DC
    • Model    TB51
    • Height  530mm (0.53m)
    • Width    350mm (0.35m)
    • Depth    585mm (0.58m)
    • Weight    14.2kg
    • Colour    Black and Grey
    • Wattage    Power absorption: 55W
    • Temperature Range    -22°C +12°C
    • Consumption    0.23 (kWh/24h)
    • Capacity     47 Litres (12.4 US Gallons)
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