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A 40 x 40cm Fiamma roof vent designed to provide permanent ventilation for constant exchange of air.

Suitable for motorhomes, caravans and van conversions, this model has a UV resistant white cover and is fitted with an aluminium mosquito net.

The aerodynamic design means this roof vent does not need to be fitted with a spoiler, and noise and vibrations are greatly reduced.

A patented rubber seal and high-quality UV resistant materials guarantee a watertight system whilst protecting the vent and vehicle against the elements.

This model is interchangeable with older 40 x 40cm Fiamma roof vent models and with vents from 36 x 36cm to 42 x 42cm, thanks to its reinforced frame.

The vent is easily opened using the handwheel. 

Rooflight Vent White

    • Type :   Roof Vent
    • Size:    40cm x 40cm
    • Weight:    2.8kg
    • Approvals:    ABE approved
    • Application:  Caravans, Motorhomes, Van Conversions
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