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Dometic Perfectpower PP1002 1000w 12v Inverter

This high-performance sine wave inverter turns 12 V battery voltage into a sine wave like 230 V alternating voltage. It has enough power to supply energy-hungry appliances, such as hair dryers, toasters, filter coffee machines, electric kettles or vacuum cleaners. The mains priority circuit and soft-start feature give these power appliances a gentle jump start.


  • Quasi-sine wave output voltage of 230 V AC
  • High peak services for powerful devices
  • Mains priority circuit integrated as standard
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • External On/Off switch


Height95 mm
Length338 mm
Width176 mm
Input voltage12 V DC
FeaturesPriority switch
Signal output typeModified sine wave
TypePerfectPower PP 1002 1000 W 12 V
Output voltage230 V AC
Standby consumption0,8 A
Output frequency50 Hz


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