A foldable bike carrier designed to carry two e-bikes or pedelecs on any towbar. The Oris Tracc can be folded up and put into its storage bag for storing easily in a boot or garage.

The load-bearing components of the bike carrier are constructed from high-strength steel and aluminium ensuring stability. The carrier’s halogen lighting system is modern, durable and integrated into a plastic cladding which is resistant to UV and extreme temperatures.

The Oris Tracc has a handy folding mechanism with foot pedal for easy access to the boot, even when the carrier is loaded with bikes.

The bikes can be mounted on the trailer hitch in seconds using the quick release system. Robust frame holders fix the bikes securely whilst protecting them from theft.

Key Features

  • Completely foldable
  • Compatible with any towbar
  • Carries 2 bikes
  • Can carry 3 bikes with optional extension
  • Can be locked to vehicle for security
  • All control elements are blue in colour
  • Rim straps with ratchet function to keep bikes secure
  • Modern and robust lighting design
  • Foot pedal folding mechanism for boot access
  • Tested according to the highest safety standards

Optional add-ons


  • Brand = AG
  • Application = Any towbar
  • Capacity = 2 Bikes
  • Height = 650mm
  • Width = 1330mm
  • Depth = 660mm
  • Weight = 16.9kg
  • Max Capacity = 3 Bikes
  • Optional Extras = Oris Tracc 3 Bike Extension Kit, Oris Ride on Ramp, Oris Ratchet Strap 500

ORIS Tracc Bike Carrier