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NDS Smart Inverter Pure Sine Wave: 12V / 2000W


This inverter has a built-in priority switch which makes it simple and safe to feed 230V AC to the mains sockets in your motorhome, caravan or boat even when you only have battery power available.

When you can access mains electricity (shore power / hook-up), the inverter gives this supply priority. When the supply is disconnected, the inverter automatically switches over and provides 230V directly to the sockets.

Because the output of the inverter is a pure sine wave, the electrical supply at the sockets is almost identical to a domestic or commercial supply, so most domestic appliances (within the power range of the inverter) can be operated safely and efficiently at any time.


Manufacturer's product code:SP2000I-12
Nominal operating Voltage - Volts:12
Output voltage - Volts:230
Input connection:8mm connection (Hard Wired)
Output connection:Single UK socket
USB socket:Yes - 2.1A
Output wave form:Pure sine wave
Continuous output - Watts:2000
Peak output (for a few seconds) - Watts:5000
Efficiency - %:93
Remote control facility:Yes - C7685A
Protection:Soft start, Protection against overload and short circuit, Low battery alarm,Protection against polarity inversion and overtemperature
Priority switch function:Yes
Certification:e marked
Dimensions (L x W x H) - mm:395 x 273 x 109
Note:80cm of negative and positive cable
Nett weight - kg:6.19


NDS Smart Inverter Pure Sine Wave: 12V / 2000W

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